A few members of the Skymail team were able to attend this year’s Postal Customer Council located in Salt Lake City. The Postal Customer Council or PCC for short is a program run by the United States Postal that serves as an open channel for business communication with the post office. This communication provides information and best practices for mail businesses in the mail industry like Skymail. So, when the PCC holds its Salt Lake meeting Skymail sees it as important to always try to send representatives to learn and network. The overall theme of the PCC this year was about educating the room about the current standing of our industry as well as a peer meetup where we had time to network and talk about our time in the mailing industry with others. Some of the feature topics of this years PCC included informed visibility, informed delivery, and academic outreach. The United States Post office understands that innovation is key to reach their business goals. Skymail can use this innovation to help current and future customers know all the benefits they get when working with us.

Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery is a United States Postal feature that has been available to the majority of the United States population since April of 2017. This is a free feature that allows residents who sign up for it the ability to preview letter-sized mail and manage their packages schedule from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Informed Delivery allows the convenience of checking what’s going into your mailbox wherever you may be. As a business mailer, Skymail can design creative content that allows more engaging mail marketing campaigns. Business mailers and Unites States citizens can take advantage of this feature to benefit from the convenience by signing up.

Informed Visibility

Picture from link.usps.com

Like Informed Delivery, the USPS offers a feature called Informed Visibility or IV. This feature caters more to businesses as it is a digital intelligence analysis that tracks mail in near real time. IV is a single source for all mail visibility that connects digital intel with the real world. Tracking mail in real time allows mail houses like Skymail to track the mail they send out and address any problems they see. IV provides valuable analytics that allows Skymail to be more accurate when anticipating what date mail will hit and deliver valuable information how and when we want it. Informed Visibility is an example of the innovation that is taking place in the postal service that allows other players in the industry to continue success. Get a full understanding of all the intricacies of Informed Delivery here.

Academic Outreach

Expanding outreach from the United States Postal Service has always been a priority, so the push for an academic outreach program allows others to see first hand the value of direct mail. As members of the Postal Customer Council Skymail is a leader in the industry when it comes to reaching out to our local community. Skymail feels it is important to help push the features offered by the USPS to aid our clients in their experience with the mail industry. Innovation and communication fall along the values Skymail has always kept and go right along with the central theme for this year’s Postal Customer Council.