OCR Mail Sorting

What is ocr mail sorting?

Skymail’s mail sorting machines and technology takes your mail and sorts it to qualify with special rates we have negotiated with the United States Post Office.

How can it help your business?

By sending your mail to Skymail we are able to qualify your mailing so you pay less. Our experience and technology allows us to handle a few pieces to thousands of pieces on a daily basis.

Skymail ensures your mailing’s security with on site sorting. Our up to date technology puts the integrity of each mail piece that is run in the forefront.

  • Work together to make sure job is done the way you want

  • Explore all available options to help you save on cost and time

  • Give an accurate time when job will be finished

  • Safety and security for your mail sorting job

  • Willing to always listen

Skymail operates three Bell & Howell mail sorting machines. Our system and process can handle a number of different types and volumes of mail on a daily basis. From a few pieces to thousands, Skymail will work with you to help you save money on all your outgoing mail.

  • Three machines means Skymail won’t turn away your mail

  • See up to half a million pieces of mail a day

  • Guarantee customers get lowest rates USPS has to offer

  • Ability to process various types of mail

  • Advanced technology provides safety and security for all mail

Image of Skymail's sorting machine

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