Quick Chart for International Program

Follow the link below to get a rundown of the Skymail International program we offer.

International Chart – PDF

International Chart – Excel

Trackable, low-cost shipping for lightweight international packages

Your e-commerce business operates on a global scale. We understand how critical it is to have a low-cost international shipping option that delivers your lightweight packages with the speed and visibility your customers need.

That’s why USPS offers the Commercial ePacket option for customers who regularly ship items to destinations around the world. Packages shipped via the Commercial ePacket service can weigh up to 4.4 pounds and have a value of US$400 or less.

Commercial ePacket® is ideal for your business if you:

  • Ship a high volume of small, lightweight packages around the world that weigh up to 4.4 pounds and are US$400 or less in value.
  • Wish to provide your customers with a tracking experience that’s predictable, reliable, and consistent.

Packages other than rolls must be within the following dimensions:

  • Max length: 24 inches. Length is the longest dimension.
  • Max length, height, and depth (thickness) combined: 36 inches.
  • Min size: Large enough to accommodate the postage, address, customs form, and other required elements on the address side.

Rolls must be within the following dimensions:

  • Min length: 4 inches.
  • Min length plus twice the diameter combined: 6 3/4 inches.
  • Max length: 36 inches
  • Max length plus twice the diameter combined: 42 inches.

Just like you, we want to exceed your customers’ expectations. Commercial ePacket service can help drive your business by providing:


International shipping should be seamless, that’s why the Commercial ePacket service:

  • Delivers to 36 countries
  •  Allows you and your customers to track status on usps.com
  • Utilizes Postal Qualified Wholesalers to prepare and enter mailpieces
  • Offers free returns for  undeliverable-as-addressed items


Thanks to standard label specifications and a Post Exprès® logo, packages are processes with efficiency.

Predictability and Security

With visible tracking details and delivery confirmation, you know when your packages will arrive.